Super Easy, Versatile No-Sew Fabric Projects

Sewing machine on the fritz? Not great with a thread and needle? Just want a simple project to do? No-sew projects have you covered.

no sew placemat

No-Sew Fabric Placemat

You can make these beauties with some fabric, scissors, fabric glue, an iron and an old placemat. Measure your fabric against the placemat for sizing and then cut, leaving an inch and a half for folding the fabric edges back. Fold the edges of the fabric over and iron in place. Then put the fabric glue under the folded edges. Let the glue dry, and there you have it. You could use it as a placemat, or rework the size and density of the material for a fabric-based trivet or hot pad. You could even hang these from the wall and clip photos to them for a nice photo display.

No Sew Cushion Cover

No-Sew Cushion

For this project you’ll need a large piece of fabric, a foam sheet and safety pins. That’s it! You’ll measure the foam so it fits the area you want to cover and then cut to size. Wrap the fabric around the foam cushion and fasten shut with the safety pins on the bottom. This method works for chair cushions, bench cushions, kneeling pads for gardening or even decorative corner pillows.

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