Bohemian Rhapsody: Your High-End Boho Hippie Chic Interiors How-To

Boho chic. It’s a term that gets tossed around a lot, but what does it actually mean? In short, it’s a free-spirited and eclectic design style that borrows elements from bohemian and hippie culture.

Contemporary boho-chic embraces and elevates the style to new high-end heights far beyond the flea market feels of back-in-the-day boho. Intrigued by the idea of bringing this unique style trend into your home but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

In today’s quick guide, we’ll show you how to get started with boho-chic design and upholstery. We’ll give you some tips on choosing the right fabrics and upholstery styles, as well as ideas for incorporating other boho elements into your décor. So whether you’re looking to create a full-blown boho haven or just add a touch of hippie chic, read on for some inspiration.

Your Quick Guide To The Joy Of Boho Chic Interior Design

What sets boho-chic apart from other design styles is the freestyle approach. Boho designs often showcase a veritable potpourri of elements like vintage finds, handmade items, and textiles in an array of textures and bold colors. Geometric patterns/shapes, tribal prints, and folk art are also at home in boho décor.

(Sidenote: Words like “and” and “as well as” come up a lot when talking about this design. More is more. Just be sure to match… Nah, just kidding! This is boho, hippie chic design, there are no rules! Playful and bold rule the day.)

Originally, hippie and boho design at its best was rich with energy and steeped in life. Its unabashed and unapologetic use of colors and textures wasn’t for the sake of bringing in different colors and textures. It was an extension of letting yourself bring in objects and feelings that you love being around, that bring you joy (hmm… Marie Kondo, anyone?). 

Contemporary boho takes the best of the original style vibe and makes it intentional. The result is a space full of things that make you feel more like yourself, but avoid the cluttered yard sale sort of vibe that could sometimes overwhelm boho. 

And, poetically enough, you get there by embracing eclectic details. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different styles and textures, combining traditional and modern furniture pieces, or pair rustic accessories with sleek finishes.

The bottom line is you get to just let your proverbial freak flag fly and free yourself to mix and match different styles and elements to create a look that’s uniquely you.

Choosing The Right Bohemian Design Upholstery For Your Unique Style

Now, let’s boho-style your upholstery. Think about colors and fabrics you’d actually want to use — “want to” is the key. Boho’s embrace of artsy offers an opportunity to play with textures and colors to create spaces that intrigue, excite, and offer warmth and calming. 

Clearly, there are loads and loads of options, which is awesome — and overwhelming. Skip the overwhelm and leap into the high-end, elevated boho we seek by picking a theme. Here are a few of our favorites:

Not So Shabby Chic

Combine the charm of vintage and antique elements with modern updates. Keep the bulk of your furniture uncomplicated, perhaps in a simple gravel grey-toned tweed fabric. But bring in a vintage tufted sofa, richly resplendent in a deep emerald green crushed velvet. Or take your sofa in a playful but plain natural cotton color Crypton performance fabric (old school, meet new school). And let your armchairs slip into a ruby slipper woven jacquard fabric with a red and brown abstract pattern.

Fun With Folk Art 

Lean on the saturated primary colors of folk art’s palette to give your upholstery that funky, folky flair. Take a piece(s) radiantly royal blue in a performance microsuede. Try a contemporary take on folk art itself on your furniture with a graffiti-patterned fabric. Set the stage for your wall art with earthy tones like oyster tweed for your furniture. Or dial up the color volume with bodaciously bohemian orange jacquard.

Tribal upholstery is based on the patterns and designs found in indigenous cultures. Set your sofa on the path to a welcoming, patinaed future with chestnut-toned genuine leather.

Give your favorite reading chair a tribal boho look in a lilac purple alligator print fade-resistant velvet. And how about brocade curtains with a black and white chevron pattern bringing geometric patterns and a nod to earth tones too?

Free Your High-End Boho Design Style Upgrade With Decor You Love

You know when your radio is too loud. You know when there are too many people talking at once in a room. You know when you walk into a space, and it feels cluttered and visually noisy? And you know when it’s just right, and your eye delights and revels in the things that are there. You know.

And that’s really all you need to know to finish your boho design right.  

It’s time to start incorporating other boho elements into your lit décor. Again, there are endless boho-style decor possibilities. Let’s go through a few ideas to get you started, and to further tamp down the overwhelm.

First, think about adding some natural elements. This could be anything from plants to reclaimed wood furniture. Enough that the space steps back from synthetic and manufactured into natural, soulful, and alive.

Second, consider adding some bold accessories. Think colorful rugs, art/tapestries, and pillows. Think throw pillows with texture and color, perhaps embroidered fabrics like Agatewith a contemporary pattern — or Summeralive with embroidered vines and leaves — or both! Same with whatever rugs, art, or curiosities catch your eye and inspire you. 

And, again, curtains can add to the magic with a pop of color to add to the feeling of an Oasis. Or a bit of wispy whimsy with sheer fabric for drapes that take you to the Clouds.

And lastly, lighting. Boho spaces offer a warm and inviting atmosphere. So add some candles, lamps, or fairy lights for a touch of magic. Okay, not actual fairy lights but lights that twinkle and spark that inner childlike wonder and joy. Again, think of warmth and welcome.

You Already Know An Expert In Contemporary Boho Design — You

Our absolute favorite thing about boho design is there are no rules. There’s nothing for you to learn before you begin. Except, perhaps, setting aside your grownup brain for a few beats and listening to what brings you joy, inspires creativity, and just makes you smile and want to sit awhile.   

You’re the world’s leading expert on all those things. So go ahead and unleash your inner boho hippie chic interior designer. Oh, and remember, the high-end bit is really mostly about keeping the clutter down, not letting it get overly “noisy.” But you’re the leading expert on the right volume for you, too. 

As you start feeling your way into what your boho groove is, we love helping you get the right and perfect upholstery for your furniture, drapes, pillows, and more. And we can’t wait to see what you create when you let your artsy side shine.

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