Best Home Décor Ideas from KOVI: An Anthology

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We at KOVI value customer feedback a lot. So much that KOVI Home Décor was built in response to the needs of our KOVI Fabrics customers.

We like to thank you for following our blog thus far, and as our token of appreciation, we have compiled a list some of the home décor ideas on our website. Enjoy!

Home Décor Essentials

To begin start off, we would like to point to a few mistakes homeowners make when decorating their homes. Let’s face it, none of us are professional designers. But by taking care of these simple things, we can ensure that our home décor efforts don’t go in vain.

  • You need to have a strategy, a road map of how to get things done.
  • When possible, avoid the matching game and try mixing different colors, textures, and patterns to avoid boredom a few days later.
  • Instead of painting your walls first and then trying to find matching/contrasting furniture or pillows, go the other way round.

Home Décor Essentials


On Decorating Patios

You can use accent pillows to augment the aesthetics of your outdoor furniture. The trend is towards decks and patio being converted into living spaces in their own right. Some cool ideas include using water-resistant fabrics to make durable decorative pillow covers to accent furniture like Adirondack chairs and chaise lounges.

But do remember that the best accent pillows or outdoor kitchen equipment cannot make up for a dirty deck. So get a pressure washer (or a broom if gets the job done) and clean up the place!

Bedroom Decoration

One of the many ways in which fabrics can be used to create a focal point in your bedroom room is by adding an upholstered headboard. It can be padded and gathered, and exhibit eye-catching patterns like florals. In addition, you can use the same fabric style on other furniture items or drapes (see below) to create a unified look. You can also create a thoroughly unique appearance with creative ideas like a grain sack upholstered headboard.

Bedroom Decoration



There are several choices when it comes to matching your headboard with upholstered furniture, such as:

  • Accent chairs
  • Ottoman
  • Sofa

You never know when an upholstered furniture piece of furniture adds the look to your bedroom that you always wanted. Such a piece will be immediately noticeable and will add a visually pleasing variety to make you more comfortable inside your living space.

Don’t Discard It

A lot of things fall into this category. For example, instead of discarding glass jars of your favorite soup, jam, or sauce, you can make them decorative by painting their lids with pretty colors and then re-using them to store other food items.

On a slightly larger scale, you can also use old sheets as:

Of course as far as the last option is concerned, you can always purchase pillow covers made with sustainable materials. But coming back to old sheets, if they can’t be used for any of the above, you can still find them purposeful as cleaning cloths and pet bedding.

Old Upholstered Furniture

In our article (enter hyperlink for ‘Eco-friendly Home Décor’) on eco-friendly home décor, we mentioned how it is not always wise to discard furniture with old upholstery. This is especially true of you are at a flea markets.  We say that it’s not a good idea to forego on a furniture pieces even if their fabric is worn out. Why? Simply because fabric can be replaced.

The kind of prices you have at flea markets, you can get new fabric stitched in and still possibly spend less money than if you were to buy new furniture upholstery.

On Using Florals

Think your bedding needs change? Go for a total redo. Floral designs, once again, will go well with your pillow cases, bed skirt, and duvet. You can further use fabrics to enhance your bedroom design by getting upholstered headboards, and an ottoman or sofa to match it.

A helpful tip in this regard is to use prints that alter the size of the flowers they depict. For example, when it comes to drapes or bed linens, make sure that you pick patterns where the flowers are portrayed to be larger than their actual size. Even 200% is fine. Remember, it is all about catching people’s attention. On the other hand, when you are using floral prints for accent pillows, the flowers will obviously need to be printed on a smaller scale. They will still look modern.

On Creating a Focal Point

A fireplace not only has a visual appeal, but it also helps you align other decorative items in the room, such as upholstered furniture. But here it is essential that you get the size of the architectural element right. If it is too big, it can look out of the place. Likewise, if it’s too small, other items will become the focal point, taking the limelight away from the main feature.

On Creating a Focal Point


Moving on, color can be a powerful tool when decorating a room. Simply by changing a wall, trim, or carpeting color, you can actually transform the entire look or mood of a room. So if you want to draw attention to a particular area of the room, use color to get people’s focus on it.

On Doing a Paint Job

Nothing beats color when it comes to decorating. Unfortunately, this technique is also most time-consuming. But the effort is worth it. A new coat of paint and change of color can infuse new life into any space, as it is the first thing that people notice when you walk into a room.

Another benefit is that you are free to experiment with your own look. However, do keep the basic principle in mind: Lighter colors make a place look bigger while a darker color has the opposite effect. Neutrals on the other hand, are, well, neutral.


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