Using Colors to Create Mood in a Room: White

Looking to create a certain simple, clean, and sophisticated feel in a room? You can’t go wrong with introducing white elements. White is a color that designates purity, minimalism, modernism, clarity, and efficiency.

You have several options for working with white, and depending on which option you choose, you’ll end up with a totally different style in a room. White is truly the most versatile of all the colors. Below are some of the options for working with white.

  • Completely white rooms have been a major trend for a long time now. They’re sleek, modern and give off a very austere feel.
  • You could use white to complement the other neutral colors: black, brown, and gray. In that way, you’ll have a classic, grounded feel to the room, like in the photo above.
  • Also, as in the photo above, think of pops of natural elements like plants. That will balance out the austere white and leave a natural but clean feel.
  • You can also use it to break up other colors. Think white canvases on art or simple white throw pillows.
  • Pair white with wood textures to add a sense of classic warmth to the room.
  • Work with an off-white like cream, pearl, or ivory to get a bright look without the intense feel of pure white. With this look, your room will appear more casual yet contemporary.

Admittedly, white can be an intimidating prospect for furniture. It works in some homes, but households with kids, klutzy adults, and pets will probably want to veer away from white upholstery. With that in mind, below are some fabric selections from the new sale items for using this sleek color in furniture upholstery and drapery options. Remember, certain designated fabrics can be used as upholstery and drapery. You can also find all white selections here.

Floral Embroidery Upholstery  


Solid Faux Linen


Natural Cotton Drapery


Geometric Embroidery Drapery and Upholstery Fabric


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