Your Favorite Patterns, All In KOVI’s Fabric Collection (Part 2)

We have talked about amazing patterns on the first part of KOVI’s fabric collection post, but we’re giving you more. Check out the rest of the patterns below, and you might discover your new print favorite!

JuvenileJuvenile. Go back to being young and carefree with this collection of patterns. Flocks of birds singing, adventurous pirate ships, and colorful seashells: this series brings back one’s innocence and child-like wonder. It’s perfect for a newborn’s corner or a young toddler’s room.

NoveltyNovelty. A set of patterns and prints commonly seen on the market, Novelty prints reflect the identity of the greater demographic. It’s a collection loved by the masses because of its popularity and relevance to one’s life. Examples would be postcard prints, city billboards, and tea tag artwork.

MetalMetallic. Illuminating solid colors into a radiant finish, metallic fabrics are a great choice for upholstery. It shines under good lighting and expresses a fluent, sophisticated charm that will never go out of style. Pair this with other prints like animal patterns and heirlooms for a stronger appeal.

PaisleyPaisley. Originating from Persia, this design was popularized in Western culture since the 18th century. It is an elegant mix of vegetable-inspired artworks incorporated in a teardrop and other geometrical shapes. A long-time fabric favorite, use this to infuse a hint of Middle-Eastern culture in your living space.

PlaidPlaid. It’s a common pattern made up of bands in different colors and width, alternating on top of each other. The design is well-known for its Scottish origins. We love it for its domiciliary appeal; furniture with this pattern reflects the warm, hospitable personality of a homeowner.

SolidPlain / Solid. These kinds of patterns are best for fuss-free upholstery; solid-colored fabrics come in one hue, only with a hint of texture to create an interesting, artistic effect. This is a basic fabric for all household furniture, but one can easily incorporate other types of patterns by using the fabric color as a motif key.

SmallSmall Scale. Your favorite patterns, printed in minuscule size. The small-scale series is a collection of minimalist designs, not too overbearing but still exude a youthful appeal. This collection is easy to blend with other patterns, whether they are large-scale or solid-colored hues.

SouthSouthwestern. This pattern brings us back to the aboriginal days when old-world tribes draw on caves and trees to express their narratives. Southwestern fabrics give off a modern, funky look that adds pizzazz to any interior.

StripeStripe. A perennial design favorite is the stripes: a series of vertical or horizontal lines creating one distinct motion. It can either be a straight line or curved, in one width or different thicknesses, and comes in two or more colors. This basic, elegant design suits most interiors, and you can use it to infuse a fresh look into your home.

ToileToile. Derived from the French art of drawing pastoral themes on linen cloth, Toile gives a traditional Renaissance grace to furniture. The illustrations are mostly color-on-white, using as minimal tones as possible. Mix this with floral blends, heirloom prints, and solid tones for a classical effect.

TropicalTropical. A splash of bright paintings derived from nature, this type of print brings a joyful, warm glow to every interior. Motifs of greens, yellow, and reds appear brightly in this island-inspired pattern.

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