Fabric Pattern Terms Explained Part 1

Prints and patterns add a wonderful imagery in your home decor fabrics. Instead of utilizing solid colors, you can play up with your upholstery by finding the right kind of print to go with your motif. Here at KOVI Fabrics, we’ve collected more than a dozen types of patterns, each created to suit your design panache. If you’re confused as to what kind of style fits right for you, we’re sharing a list of delectable designs to aid you in your interior decoration.

AbstractAbstract / Geometric. This is a repetitive series of images which can either be in concrete shapes or viewed through an abstruse flow of colors. Pair it with solid tones and you can create a unique, one-of-a-kind design!



AnimalAnimal Skins. Reminiscent of mammal furs and reptile sheaths, designs with animal skins speaks of adventure. Zebra stripes, leopard spots and even snake skin textures create a curious, primordial setting in a modern, contemporary style.



BeachBeach / Nautical. Palm tree patterns and floral accents across the bright blue waves has a calming effect in one’s home. This symbolizes the laidback nature of a homeowner who desires comfort and freedom with the sight of the sea.



ChevronChevron / Flamestitch. A constant repetition of V-shaped pattern, Chevron has long been a part of historical art. Nowadays, it has been infused with the contemporary design which invokes motion, like the waves of the sea. Chevron designs can be paired off with other patterns or solid colors for a youthful interior.



ContemporaryContemporary. This pattern consists of geometrical elements and lines in different sizes and colors. With imaginative influences originating from contemporary art, using this unique print collection makes your home appear cultivated, up-to-date and youthful.



CountryCountry. Textiles with domestic, kitschy appearance speaks well of the countryside. Humble patterns in florals, quilts and mosaics bring back the loveliness of one’s homeland, with the memories of a pastoral grassland, crystal rivers and dainty flowerbeds. Incorporate this design to your furniture and make it look more cozy and nostalgic.



DecorativeDecorative. Blessed with elegant swirls in contrasting colors and bright accents, a decorative pattern expresses a regal appeal and is perfect for homeowners looking for designs with class. Effortlessly stylish and eternally sophisticated, use this pattern for your favorite couch to mix with your other patterned furniture.



DistressedDistressed. Appearing grunge and distorted, this new-age pattern express a charming feel of uncertainty and whimsy. The texture makes it great to pair along with other patterns in the home without making your interiors appear over-the-top.



FLoralFloral. A feminine favorite, floral designs capture the beauty of nature with one’s favorite blooms. It can be a lovely accent to a solid-colored motif, adding a splash of color and design on your interior.




FoliageFoliage. This charming umbrage of leaves invites the serene touch of green hues in your furniture. Perfect for homeowners who indulge in gardens and flowers.




HeirloomHeirloom. Get in touch with royal roots with an heirloom pattern. The subtle yet intricate design adds a sophisticated personality in your furniture. Jewel-toned heirloom patterns create a stunning, royal effect in your interior.

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