Planning For Your Restaurant’s Interior: Restaurant Upholstery Fabric

restaurant upholstery fabric

Choosing furniture for your home allows you to maximize your creative liberty. Each room can offer a different setting, letting you enjoy your private spaces while reflecting your character. Choosing restaurant upholstery fabric, however, is another thing. Primarily, you’re not just thinking for yourself but for the image you’re trying to project.

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Fabric Pattern Terms Explained Part 1

Prints and patterns add a wonderful imagery in your home decor fabrics. Instead of utilizing solid colors, you can play up with your upholstery by finding the right kind of print to go with your motif. Here at KOVI Fabrics, we’ve collected more than a dozen types of patterns, each created to suit your design panache. If you’re confused as to what kind of style fits right for you, we’re sharing a list of delectable designs to aid you in your interior decoration.

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Measuring Upholstery 101 (Part 3): Ottoman

Upholstered Ottoman

In the third installation of our “Measuring Upholstery” series, we’ll be talking about how to get the right dimensions for reupholstering contemporary chairs called ottoman. Despite being small in size, this furniture creates a wonderful impact in your room, being versatile in many ways. It can be used as a seat, a foot rest and sometimes, a mini table. Because of its use, it can be easy for your ottoman to wear out. However, refurbishing it can be fun. Unlike chairs and sofas, a DIY upholstery project for an ottoman is an easier task.

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