How to Reupholster a Car Seat

While it always is suggested to call on the pros for expert automotive upholstery services and car care, it’s possible to choose convenient and cheap methods of doing the duty on your own. Reupholstering a car seat isn’t a challenging job as you arm yourself with the proper tools and knowledge. Here is how to reupholster car seats on your own:

Begin by carefully and slowly removing your car seats from the flooring. You might need to refer to the auto manual to check how the attachment operates, or ask an expert detailer while you are at your next appointment for ideas about how you can do this.


Carefully remove the fabric that is worn out, ensuring that you keep intact as much of it as you can in order for you to use it to make a pattern for the fresh material you want to use. Many automobile seat fabrics are connected with staples; therefore, you have to be careful that you don’t rip it out, causing more damage.

On a big sheet of paper, lay out the old seat material, then trace around its corners to make a pattern from which you can cut the new material out. If there are large rips or gaps, use your yardstick to fill the pattern in.

As you get the pattern prepared, utilize a washable marking pen in order to transfer your pattern to the fresh material. Utilize the proper type of cutting tool for the material you want to use — vinyl, leather — each fabric will require various types of trimmer. Keep as near to the pattern as you can to ensure a tight fit on every chair.

Utilize a trimmer’s staple gun while tacking the fresh material to the frame. It’s particularly useful as you must handle snug spaces and is going to ensure the material stays snug for as long as it’s able to.

If you think that it isn’t yet time to replace the car upholstery altogether, you might engage in preventive maintenance in order to lengthen your fabric’s lifetime. Vacuuming the car’s interior every once and a while assists in eliminating allergens, soil, dust, food particles, and dirt which might’ve accumulated.

Removing stains and spills immediately will keep your fabric appearing new for longer.

Get familiar with the right cleaning products which are able to efficiently take out discoloration, dirt, and stains without causing any harm to the material. There isn’t any catch-all product that is able to work miracles on your vehicle upholstery, and utilizing the improper one might cause more damage. Lastly, apply a good amount of coating of stain repellents in order to lock in the fresh feel and shine of the freshly-cleaned upholstery, again bearing in mind the kind of material used.

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