The Luxury of Velvet

There’s nothing more luxurious than velvet, as the photo above from our Facebook page shows. The deep colors, sensual texture and feeling of instant class that velvet imparts are perfect for a sofa or a recliner. A deep red like in the photo above also gives an instant feeling of warmth and sophistication, as well as directing the attention to its soothing texture. In addition to its sophisticated looks, velvet is known to be incredibly comfortable, even more so than leather!  So whether its sophistication or comfort that you are looking for, velvet is bound to offer something for your home.

And there are plenty of velvet selections to choose from. Below are some of our similar red velvet patterns. Otherwise, you can browse all velvet selections here.

Ruby Red Solid Velvet


Rouge Red Solid Velvet


Burgundy Crushed Velvet


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