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It can be confusing to distinguish between the different types of leather. For instance, what is a pleather fabric? Allow me to explain it to you!

Read on to learn more about pleather and its construction. Knowing the material's characteristics will help you decide whether you should get pleather furniture or not.

What Is Pleather Fabric?

Pleather is a mix of "plastic" and "leather" to create a synthetic material that looks like genuine leather. It typically uses polyurethane (PU) on the fabric backing made of polyester. Manufacturers mold the PU to mimic the texture and shades, then stick them to the polyester.

The fabric has different types, uses, and other manufacturing materials. It can also use kelp and cork tree bark aside from polyurethane. You'll often find them in clothing, car seats, furniture upholstery, laptop cases, footwear, and accessories.

One of pleather fabric's benefits is that it does not use animal products, so animal lovers love it. Vegans also enjoy the texture and appearance of genuine leather without violating their values.

Pleather fabric is also more sustainable and affordable than genuine leather and other faux leather forms. Aside from using recycled plastic, it is cheaper to produce without the need to sacrifice craftsmanship.

Pleather vs. Faux Leather

The material is the main difference between pleather fabric and faux leather fabric. But some people consider pleather fabric as a type of faux leather because the latter generally means any kind of fake leather.

Pleather uses polyurethane or PU to coat the polyester, while faux leather uses polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Polyurethane is a kind of plastic with the same texture and appearance as genuine leather. It's also softer and more breathable than natural fabric and faux leather.

Faux leather or PVC leather uses more premium-quality materials to mimic leather. The components include dye, wax, and PVC. However, its manufacturing process can harm your health and the Earth.

Other types of faux leather are called bicast. It means the fabric may include real leather shavings.

Pleather is a more sustainable choice because it does not emit harsh chemicals nor smell bad. Its only disadvantage is that it's less durable than faux leather.

Best Furniture for Pleather

A couch is the best furniture piece you can own from pleather material. The pleather couch is incredibly comfortable, depending on the brand. Combine it with soft cushioning and durable frames, and you'll have a sofa that will last a lifetime.

To call the fabric a classic is an understatement. Pleather couches come in different designs, both traditional and contemporary. It never gets behind the times, which is why they cater to diverse markets. Therapists, families, and teenagers all love a good pleather couch.

You'll also find dining seats made of pleather. It's a naturally robust material that handles food and drink spillages. It also does not collect much dust!

Pleather Furniture Styles We Love

Not sure how your pleather furniture fits in your space? Check out these styles.

Feminine Pleather Sofa

We usually associate pleather with the masculine interior, but there are many ways to soften it. Place accent pillows or a decorative blanket on top. Then, pair it with an elegant coffee table with flowers.

Traditional Brown Pleather Couch

Unlike genuine leather, pleather comes in a wide selection of colors because of its ability to hold dye well. But some prefer the classic brown look because it stands out in bright rooms. Try a chocolate brown pleather couch in your neutral living room.

Modern Contemporary Style

Modern leather couches come in black in white rather than brown. Some also use bright shades of red, blue, and orange. Choose a pleather couch with metal legs, clean lines, and sleek curves if you want a contemporary style.

How Do You Maintain Pleather?

Pleather is not only present in the furniture. You'll also see it in clothing, including jackets and footwear. Here's how to clean the pleather.

Use Gentle Products

Pleather is moisture and stain-resistant, so there's no reason to use bleach and harsh detergent on the material. Instead, you can use warm water and cloth to remove marks, dust, and dirt. Make sure to use a microfiber cloth to dry it off.

Stay Away from Sunlight

Although pleather can hold color pretty well, it quickly fades and changes texture when exposed to sunlight. Keep your pleather furniture indoors and away from the windows for longevity.

Vacuum the Surface

It's safe to vacuum your pleather couch using the upholstery attachment. It will remove any debris that the cloth failed to collect.

Final Thoughts

Investing in pleather is a wise choice because it has similar characteristics as genuine leather at a more affordable price. Plus, the timeless fabric helps the environment.

Take care of your pleather furnishings so you can maximize their benefits. Use a simple cloth and water, and keep it away from sunlight!

What is your favorite pleather furniture style? Share your recommendations in the comments below!