Upholstery Fabrics | Many Colors, Patterns & Designs Available

Upholstery Fabrics | Many Colors, Patterns & Designs Available

Designer Quality Upholstery Fabrics

If you're looking for quality upholstery fabrics in the widest possible selection of colors, styles, fabrics, and designs, you've come to the right place. You've come to Kovi Fabrics for a reason.

So take a moment to browse the Kovi Fabrics virtual showroom, where different fabrics are all easily discovered with the integrated search tools to help you find what you are looking for in record time.

Different Types of Upholstery Fabrics

When searching for upholstery fabrics, you will find every possible fabric to suit your needs from faux leather, wool blend, chenille fabric, and vinyl upholstery fabrics to canvas upholstery fabric and suede upholstery fabric.

When searching for a particular upholstery fabric, simply click the <<Fabric>><<Type>> filter by <<Color>> and choose a <<Pattern>> which will open a range of fabrics to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a great paisley print chenille for your living room sofa project, then you would simply choose as follows:

Fabric>>Type (chenille)>>Pattern (paisley), which would give you a host of options for great upholstery types in this search parameter. Refine your search further for color, choosing black, gold, purple, or any other color you desire.

What Type of Fabric Do You Want?

There are so many different upholstery fabrics available from Kovi Fabrics. Each type of fabric has its own qualities, making it better suited to a particular upholstery project-all you need to do is choose your perfect upholstery fabric.

If you know what type of fabric you require for your project, you can use the above search method to find your ideal upholstery fabric. However, if you don't yet know what would work best in your home, consider these options for different functions:

Lounge and Bedroom Furniture

For the lounge or bedroom, it is ideal to go for a wool blend or leather upholstery as these fabrics are luxurious and long-lasting. Linen, silk-look, and mohair also offer interesting colors and designs to choose from for these spaces.

A sofa upholstered in suede, velvet, or damask will become a talking point in your lounge, and tapestry upholstery fabric can also make for great inlays on wingback chairs or add detail to a few accent pillows.

Satin fabric may be less popular for upholstery due to the high friction a sofa or chair will endure, but when combined with other more durable upholstery fabric, you can easily upholster the chair backs or sides of sofas in this glorious fabric.

Dining Room Furniture

Jacquard upholstery fabric is a great choice for dining room chairs and can be contrasted with matching striped upholstery fabric. Vinyl upholstery fabric is a great option for families with young children as furniture upholstered in vinyl is fully washable and wipeable.

Other upholstery fabric options for a dining room to consider include linen, cotton, genuine leather, and microfiber. For a dining room, think comfortable and practical, and Kovi Fabrics has you covered.

Outdoor Furniture

Even your outdoor furniture can get a much-needed facelift at Kovi Fabrics with vinyl, marine, and cotton upholstery fabrics. Marine-grade upholstery is a specialty at Kovi Fabrics, and whether you're giving your veranda a facelift or reupholstering your speed boat's seats, you will find the perfect upholstery fabric at Kovi Fabrics.

Where to Use Upholstery Fabric

When choosing your next home decor project, you may be daunted by the thought of reupholstering a furniture item if you've never done it before. You can choose to work with an upholstery professional, and if you don't know any, you can rely on Kovi Fabrics to make an excellent recommendation in your area.

Should you choose not to go for a full upholstery project, you can also use upholstery fabric to make slipcovers for couches, accent pillows, and tie-backs for curtains. The options are endless, and by ordering a few samples, you can get a real feel for the flexibility, pull, and weight of upholstery fabrics before ordering from Kovi Fabrics.

Stylish Upholstery Fabric Looks

Kovi Fabrics ensures you are up to date on the latest trends for your home or office, making sure you only choose the best options that will present a stylish upholstered look. By following the latest on Kovi Fabrics' blog, you can whet your appetite for something special for your next upholstery project.

About Kovi Fabrics

At Kovi Fabrics, you will find only the best in upholstery and textile choices. Our collection of designer quality upholstery fabrics and drapery fabric cover an impressive range of colorful fabrics sold by the yard.

Working with Kovi Fabrics means you will be tapping into experts in the textile industry. Buying from Kovi Fabrics comes with a guarantee of quality, excellent service, and the best delivery options. Ship your purchase straight to the upholsterer of your choice, or leave it up to Kovi Fabrics' consultants to arrange for your upholsterer to collect your furniture item and deliver it once the upholstery is completed.

Order samples, get advice from knowledgeable consultants and designers, and find the perfect partner for your home in our huge range of exquisite textile choices.

Kovi's Large Selection of Quality Upholstery Fabric

We fully stock even hard-to-find upholstery materials such as cotton blend, velvet, microfiber, chenille, and linen in solid colors or patterns. We have fabric for just about any upholstery application, ranging from craft projects to full-scale residential remodels and even up to commercial projects.

Kovi Fabrics have top-quality options for all types of upholstery projects, with a selection of over 20,000 fabric choices, 4,000 vinyl choices, and 150 genuine leather choices. We invite you to browse our collection for the perfect fabric and order samples to feel the quality and value for yourself.

Our collection of heavy-duty, designer-grade upholstery fabrics are ideal for any furniture project you may have. You can choose between natural fiber, natural fabric, wool, leather, silk, or a synthetic fabric such as polyester, velvet, vinyl, or even fade-resistant outdoor fabric. Your home decor or crafts project, be it a sofa, pillow, cushion, or ottoman, will look amazing and last a long time with our high thread count, durable fabric, and quality designer fabrics.